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What are the test cases to verify whether your whatsapp is


to verify whatsapp is installing when i search for whatsapp in google playstore and click on install to verify whatsapp is opening when i click on whatsapp icon after installation to verify phone number text box is present when i open the whatsapp

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You can also browse the topics below to find what you are looking for. Frequently Asked Questions. General. Updating WhatsApp; Changing the app’s language; Lost and stolen phones;

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OONI – WhatsApp test

WhatsApp test. This test is designed to examine the reachability of both WhatsApp’s app and the WhatsApp web version within a tested network. OONI’s WhatsApp test attempts to perform an HTTP GET request, TCP connection and DNS lookup to WhatsApp’s endpoints, registration service and web version over the vantage point of the user.

Il vero test di personalità si fa su Whatsapp – YouTube

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Mar 18, 2016 · Il vero test di personalità si fa su Whatsapp, infatti se presti attenzione al tipo di messaggi, scritti , audio, video che ricevi su whatsapp puoi capire molto della personalità di chi te li invia.

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Whatsapp quiz Archives | BhaviniOnline.com

Whatsapp quiz Picture Riddle: How Many Holes are there in this T-Shirt? Here is a super-easy riddle but at the same time answer it carefully, you will be surprised to see the different answers you will get.

Test: WhatsApp, MySMS, iMessage, ChatOn, Yuilop – COMPUTER

Test: WhatsApp, MySMS, iMessage, ChatOn und Yuilop – WhatsApp ist wegen einem neuen Update ohne Sicherheitsverbesserungen wieder im Gespräch.


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FAQ – WhatsApp Business API – developers.facebook.com

WhatsApp is unable to identify or check the content of a file being transferred as it is end-to-end encrypted (the same also applies for text-only content). There is an option to prevent media files being automatically downloaded in the WhatsApp Business API Client.

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