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Beatified: 13 November 2005 by Pope Benedict XVI

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1. A child from a Christian home (1858 to 1873) Charles was born in Strasbourg, France on September 15 1858 and was baptized two days after his birth.

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Meditation— Charles de Foucauld. At the heart of Charles’ way of prayer was a deeply eucharistic spirituality. He saw in the gift of Jesus’ body and blood the sign of God’s abiding presence among us, a love capable of healing and saving our broken humanity and the image of his own way of presence to others.

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Blessed Charles de Foucauld’s Story Born into an aristocratic family in Strasbourg, France, Charles was orphaned at the age of 6, raised by his devout grandfather, rejected the Catholic faith as a teenager, and joined the French army.

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Quotes by Charles de Foucauld Our Lady of Perpetual Help In a time of great sorrow, not knowing where to take refuge, fearing to be misled by the evil one, I remembered the heart of the Mother of Perpetual Help, and I placed myself in her care, like her child, like her property.

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Charles de Foucauld Charles de Foucald was born into an aristocratic family of Strasbourg, France on September 15, 1858. His parents died while he was still quite young, leaving him a large fortune.

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Charles de Foucauld (1858-1916) photo . CHARLES DE FOUCAULD (Brother Charles of Jesus) was born in Strasbourg, France on September 15th, 1858. Orphaned at the age of six, he and his sister Marie were raised by their grandfather in whose footsteps he followed by taking up a military career.

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The Life and Thought of Charles de Foucauld: A Christian Eremitical Vocation to Islam and His Contribution to the Understanding of Muslim-Christian Relations within the Catholic Tradition

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Je te la donne, mon Dieu, avec tout l’amour de mon coeur, parce que je t’aime, et que ce m’est un besoin d’amour de me donner, de me remettre entre tes mains sans mesure,