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Sociobiology created a new discipline and started a tumultuous round in the age-old nature versus nurture debate. In the introduction to this twenty-fifth anniversary edition, Edward O. Wilson shows how research in human genetics and neuroscience over the past quarter of a century has strengthened the case for a biological understanding of human nature.

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Notes 1. Edward O. Wilson [1975] Sociobiology: The New Synthesis.See Wikipedia: Synopsis. 2. Edward O. Wilson: Science and Ideology: “I had been blindsided by the attack.Having expected some frontal fire from social scientists on primarily evidential grounds, I had received instead a political enfilade from the flank.

Sociobiology: The New Synthesis by Edward O. Wilson

Edward Osborne Wilson is an American biologist, researcher, theorist, and author. His biological specialty is myrmecology, a branch of entomology. A two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction, Wilson is known for his career as a scientist, his advocacy for environmentalism, and his secular-humanist ideas pertaining to


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Edward O. Wilson, in full Edward Osborne Wilson, (born June 10, 1929, Birmingham, Alabama, U.S.), American biologist recognized as the world’s leading authority on ants.He was also the foremost proponent of sociobiology, the study of the genetic basis of the social behaviour of all animals, including humans.

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Edward Osborne Wilson, University Research Professor Emeritus at Harvard, is the guiding force that shapes the mission of the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation.

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Edward O. Wilson, desde unos presupuesto ateo-materialistas, trasladó sus estudios sobre las hormigas a las poblaciones humanas. Así habla de espíritu gregario, colonias, división del trabajo, etc. Todos estos comportamientos en el hombre estarían determinados biológicamente.

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Teoria sociobiologica de Edward O. Wilson Inicios de la teoría sociobiología ¿Que es la Sociobiología? – investiga las bases biológicas del comportamiento, desde una perspectiva fundamentada en comportamientos con base biológica

El Darwinismo social: 7.2. La sociobiología de E. O. Wilson

Una de las últimas reinterpretaciones de la teoría darvinista es la sociobiología. Esta postura, iniciada por E.O. Wilson, pretende descubrir los fundamentos biológicos del comportamiento social.