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The Levriero Italiano or Levriero Meridionale is a very ancient breed of dog which has survived through the centuries in southern Italy due to its excellent reputation as a hunter. [2] [3] This is the dog that medieval feudal lords used for their hunts.

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Jul 18, 2011 · RACE THE WIND 11 – Greyhound Track (Hamburg/Germany) • Galgo Levrier Lebrel Windhund Dog Chasse – Duration: 10:51. EPOS IMAGES TV 272,919 views

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Apr 25, 2015 · Video über das ital. Windspiel “Steve”. Race The Wind 39 – Sloughi Dog Show (Lorch/Gemany) • Greyhound Galgo Windhund Saluki Arab Orient – Duration: 10:13. EPOS IMAGES TV 5,121 views

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Italian Greyhound – Piccolo Levriero Italiano Italian breeds of dogs Origin, classification and brief historical summary. Origin: Italy. Classification F.C.I. N. 200; Group 10 – Sighthounds; Section 3 Short-haired Sighthounds; without working trial. The origins of the Italian Greyhound go back far away in the centuries.

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Mon lévrier italien / My italian greyhound / Mio levriero italiano. 1,217 likes · 103 talking about this. Consacré aux lévriers italiens et leur maîtres

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Italian Greyhound (Piccolo Levriero Italiano) November 5, 2012 by [email protected] This delicate, elegant and fragile looking creature looks just like a greyhound but its small size classifies it as a toy breed.

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Grazie a Simon Cowell, uno dei volti televisivi più noti al mondo, discografico e ideatore di format come X Factor e Got Talent, chiude un allevamento di carne di cane in Corea del Sud.


Breed status: Recognized on a definitive basis: Country of origin of the breed: ITALY: Working trial: Not subject to a working trial according to the FCI breeds nomenclature

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Dopo aver parlato a lungo con il presidente di allora del Circolo del Piccolo Levriero Italiano la Sig.ra Paola Martini, a Gennaio 2000 è arrivata in casa la prima cucciolona di PLI di 7 mesi, la prima di una “lunga serie”.

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Italský chrtík, Piccolo Levriero Italiano, Italian Greyhound Chovatelská stanice Feritte Bugsy.