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Bold and keen to work, the American Cocker Spaniel is equally suited to life as a gundog or as a household pet. Cheerful, gentle and sweet, this breed is of average intelligence and is respectful of its master’s authority.

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The Cocker Spaniel is the smallest member of the Sporting Group. He has a sturdy, compact body and a cleanly chiseled and refined head, with the overall dog in complete balance and of ideal size.

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Cocker Spaniel Information: Exercise Cockers are energetic dogs and love nothing more than a long brisk walk or a run in the park. Keep your pet well-exercised and you’ll have a calm, contented dog.

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The first kennel to gain recognition for the Cocker Spaniel as a distinct breed in England was the Obo Kennel of Mr. James Farrow. In 1892, the Cocker Spaniel was recognized as a breed in England.

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Common nicknames: Cockers

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Finding a Cocker Spaniel. Whether you want to go with a breeder or get your dog from a shelter or rescue, here are some things to keep in mind. Choosing a Cocker Spaniel Breeder. Finding a good breeder is the key to finding the right puppy.

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The Cocker Spaniel is a bold yet gentle breed. It is excellent with kids, other dogs as well as pets, despite the dogs hunting instincts. It is easy to train and responds well to obedience training.

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The Cocker Spaniel Dog Breed (also known as Cocker, English Cocker Spaniel, Merry Cocker (nickname)) Information and Facts, including buying advice, photos, average costs to own and health care tips.

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The English Cocker Spaniel is an active, merry sporting dog, standing well up at the withers and compactly built. He is alive with energy; his gait is powerful and frictionless, capable both of